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Benny Giay

Born January 12, 1955 in the village Onago in the Painai region. Benny Giay studied social work at
Cenderawasih University before completing his Master of Divinity in Manila, Philippines in 1983.
Between 1990 and 1995 he completed his PhD in Social Anthropology at the Free University in
The Netherlands.
On returning to West Papua, Benny Giay became a lecturer in Church and Society and Contextual Theology.
After Suharto’s fall in 1998, Mr Giay established FORERI where Papuans could have an opportunity to
handle their own affairs. At the Second Papuan Congress, Mr. Giay was appointed a member of the Papua Council. He was in charge of “straightening West Papuan history.” In 2002 Mr. Giay was appointed chairman of the local organisation for the defence of human
rights, ELSHAM.

Local authorities banned Benny Giay’s book The Abduction and Assassination of Theys H Eluay on November 10, 2001.

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