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Jacob Rumbiak

Jacob Rumbiak is a West Papua academic and political leader currently in exile
in Australia. Mr Rumbiak was appointed the foreign affairs representative at the
Third Papuan Congress in October 2011. Born in Yabon in the highland district of
Ayamaru, he graduated from the Indonesian University of Education in Bandung
in 1987. While teaching Astronomy and meteorology and the Cenderawasih University
in Jayapura he established the West Melanasia Council together with Dr. Thomas Wainggai.

In 1989 Mr Rumbiak was arrested by Indonesian police in PNG and sentenced to life
imprisonment for subversion.Mr Rumbiak escaped from Indonesian detention to East Timor
after Suharto’s regime fell in 1998. He then escaped via RAAF plane to Darwin in 1999
and became an Australian citizen in 2006.

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