West Papua Background

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This sections answers the question:

Why is the West Papua conflict in the media?

To answer this question here is annotated list of academics and journalists and links to their articles and papers on West Papua. To find their contact information click on their affiliation.

If you have any tips on other academics and journalists who have written about West Papua, please comment at the bottom of this page.

Academics and Journalists

West Papua ProjectCentre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney and their publication:

Camellia Webb-Gannon, Project Coordinator




Peter King, Government and International Relations

Publications: Exploring Peace with Justice

                          Peace Building and Development in West Papua

Jim Elsmslie, Research Fellow


Name: Richard Chauvel

Title: Senior Lecturer

Affiliation: Victoria University


The Papua Conflict: Jakarta’s Perceptions and Policies

Constructing Papuan Nationalism: History, Ethnicity and Adaption

Keeping West Papua In The Dark

All Roads Lead to the Mine

Name: NAJ Taylor

Title: Research Associate

Affiliation: LaTrobe University

Website: http://najtaylor.com/

Al Aljazeera four part article about Freeport McMoran mine in West Papua:

1. The Blacklisting of Rio Tinto  2. Papua: A History of Exploitation

3.Mining Companies Funded Indonesian Abuses 4.Norway’s ‘divestment’ from Rio Tinto

Name: Arief Budiman

Title: Foundation Professor of Indonesia

Affiliation: University of Melbourne, Asia Institute



Name: Dr Clinton Fernandes

Title: Associate Professor, International and Political Studies Program

Affiliation: UNSW, Canberra, School of Humanties and Social Science



Name: Damien Kingsbury

Title: Personal Chair of The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Affiliation: Deakin University


Tragedy as farce in battered West Papua

Australia’s West Papua Bind

A Better understanding of Indonesia will forge closer ties

Australia’s confusion on West Papua

Name: John Saltford

Title: PhD graduate

Affiliation: University of Hull Alumni

PhD The Indonesian take over of West Papua 1962 – 1969

Name: S. Eben Kirksey

Title: Assistant Professor

Affiliation: University of N.S.W

Website: http://ebenkirksey.blogspot.com.au/

Book: Freedom in an Entangled World, 2012


Obama: Do the right thing for West Papua

Name: David Robie

Title: Professor, Director

Affiliation: University of Aukland

                     Pacific Media Centre


Papua a Media Black Spot

Pacific Media Watch’s articles on West Papua

Name: Marni Cordell

Title: Editor

Affiliation: New Matilda

Articles on West Papua:

Australia is Policing Separatism

Our Money Helps Intimidate, Kill and Torture

Name: Nick Chesterfield

Title: Editor – in -chief

Affiliation: West Papua Media

Website: http://manukoreri.net/


Name: Dr. Kayt Davies

Title: Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Affiliation: Edith Cowan University

Articles about West Papua:

Safety vs credibility: West Papua Media and the challenge of protecting sources in dangerous places

Lombok: Our promise to say nothing

Wests a World Apart in Bloody Bid For Freedom


Pride of Warriors

Directed by Jono Van Hest


  Strange Bird in Paradise

Directed by Charlie Hill


  Forgotten Bird of Paradise

Directed by Dominic Brown


Video Reports by the Media:

ABC’s 730 Report on West Papua from 2012

The Guardian’s Report about West Papua

ABC’s Four Corners Report Blood on the Cross Transcriptfrom 1999

Watch the 4 Corners episode here

WikiLeaks Cables